A three part book/meal/happening series. Each book consists of a compilation of anonymous lies collected by the artist.

The first is “Lies Our Parents Told Us” with a tent made out of “parent” clothing and sheets. The plates are very imperfectly crafted with quotes from childrens’ books on them. The menu was macaroni an cheese with hotdogs, vegetable potpie, green bean casserole and pudding snacks and jello for dessert.

Then the second meal/happening/book is “Lies We Told Our Parents” Taking place in a pure white tent crafted by the artist, the menu was wine, asparagus risotto, mushroom tart, spinach and chocolate mousse.

The final one is Lies We Tell Ourselves and consists of a book with instructions on how to host your own potluck.

If you would like please click on the title to read a pdf of each book:

Lies Our Parents Told Us
Lies We Told Our Parents
Lies We Tell Ourselves

Photography by Greg Randall and Andrea Mabry

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